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Principles of Graphic Design

One of the biggest changes of the internet age is hardly ever mentioned: people without formal training in graphic design produce a huge percentage of all the visuals we see today. That's not necessarily a good thing.  It started when computerized design became accessible in the mid '90s. Soon, everyone who could figure out the software started calling themselves graphic designers. But one can know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator without any understanding of the principl...
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

Everything You Know About Luxury Has Changed

Millennials are changing everything we know about luxury. Here are 5 key areas your luxury business must master to stay relevant.
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

What I Wish Consumers Knew About Buying Designer Jewelry

When you introduce someone to the joy of buying art the experience can be transformative. Consumers should have that experience buying designer jewelry.


Christmas 2020 - a Reset

Our magical Christmas expectations are a product of our privilege. Our notion that we have a right to big, bright, celebratory Christmases filled with cheer and holiday spirit and piles of presents is barely 80 years old. Christmas 2020 is more normal than you think.

When advertising, don't start in the middle!

Promotional design does not have to be so difficult. The most important thing a business owner can do to ensure quality promotions is to develop descriptions for the following eight characteristics.

The Art of Being on Sale

There's an art to being on sale, especially for luxury businesses.

You Need to Attract the New Consumer. Now What?

Two new studies tell us the new consumer is different and the luxury market is changing, but they don't tell you what to do about it. Here are some ideas.


Your (Character) Slip is Showing

The most powerful thing a small business owner can do is be an effective leader, and ensure his entire organization conveys a strong message of character and integrity to his business community

The Administrative Answer to Wisdom at Work

The larger a business grows, the more difficult it is to manage communication among all of its constituents. Some policies are unavoidable, but it is desirable for an environment to operate on sound principles rather than rules and policies to the greatest extent possible.

Past Time for Change - A Post to the Jewelry Industry

A business living on auto-pilot ultimately dies of its own apathy. In business, every time is a time for change, and change is the only way to grow.

Evaluating Business Software Programs? Dig Deeper From the Beginning

When investigating business software programs always start by evaluating the underlying code and technology and how the software is designed.

I Had This Wrong for 20 Years: Profit is Not a Purpose

Had I stopped to think deeply about it, I would have realized much sooner that profit and a higher purpose are not mutually exclusive.

The Secret to Small Business Success

There are several business skills you must cultivate to ensure the survival and profitability of your company.

Resolution #2: Become a Better Thinker

Most folks don't think. We react, daydream, deny, endorse, commiserate, argue, wish, and even wonder. But being a thinker is different.

Criticism: The fire in the forge of great leadership

A great leader goes beyond those characteristics to combine a blend of intense personal will with great humility.

Outstanding Customer Service is a Culture Thing

To deliver outstanding customer service, create a customer service culture.

Sit. Crawl. Walk. Run. Stairs. The Strategic Process

If you follow a logical, tested, practical strategic process, you can implement all the strategic building blocks your company.

What's Your Business Vision?

A thoughtful review of your business vision (the strategic one) will yield surprising insights that can jumpstart your business again.

No Poo Throwing

Better decision making starts with accepting requests gracefully and responding to them logically. Read on too see if you are guilty of a deflection strategy that gets in the way of good communication and results!

Looking for Success? Implement a Management Framework.

You've created a business strategy, minimum viable product or service, and a business plan. Now you need goals, measurable objectives, and a method of monitoring and managing results; in other words, a Management Framework. This article compares and explains your options.

Being a Better Leader Part 3: Be a Student of Business

To be a better leader, be a student of business. This article gives advice on what areas to study and where to go to find that information.


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Perfectionism is a luxury for (starving) artists, or artists with benefactors. The rest of us must learn the difference between being in love with our own ideas and being in love with progress.

Hmm . . . my favorite new term-of-the-week: Ratlicker
"A person who refuses to wear a mask, or take any of the basic precautions to help society prevent an air born illness during an epidemic. ( In reference to the bubonic plague being spread by rats. )"
"Millions of items of the outward order are present to my senses which never properly enter into my experience. Why? Because they have no interest for me. My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.”
William James

Maybe the reason its so hard to remain in quarantine is that it's hard to outrun sadness when you're forced to be still.

It's not usually the first person with the idea who makes the money, but the first person who invests the cash - and more importantly, the discipline - who does.

Taking a knee ... Long the choice of peaceful, PRAYERFUL resistance.

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