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AI: Your New Teammate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly transforming the business world, particularly in how companies improve workflow efficiency. It automates repetitive tasks and drives productivity gains and cost savings. For businesses of all sizes, AI offers numerous benefits, from assisting with lead generation, qualification, campaign optimization, and sales forecasting to optimizing operations, logistics, inventory management, data analytics, and administrative tasks. Discover how you can enhance competitiveness, boost productivity, and stay ahead of the curve.

Radical Inclusiveness - the Competitive Edge

In a business climate where competitiveness and innovation are everything equality and diversity in the workforce are important keys to success.

Outstanding Customer Service is a Culture Thing

The question of how to deliver the outstanding customer service consumers expect is easy to answer but harder to implement.

    I just read that key copy drivers for 2010 marketing include Anger, Greed, Fear, Guilt, Exclusivity, Salvation, and Flattery. Really? Ick.
    People who know to look for the common threads, who have trained themselves to read a little deeper, listen a little harder, who have honed a skill for seeing patterns, these are the people who are figuring out why the Internet is beautiful.
    Every technological advancement presents both new opportunities and new demands— and today’s social media conversations are remarkably similar to the answering machine conversations. Some of these technologies fade away, but social media is here—if not to stay, certainly for the near future.
    When you introduce someone to the joy of buying art the experience can be transformative. Consumers should have that experience buying designer jewelry.

    Millennials are changing everything we know about luxury. Here are 5 key areas your luxury business must master to stay relevant.
    The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) invited Andrea Hill to prepare two presentations for their members and students, to help them manage their careers and business during the Covid-19 crisis.
    When female leaders are tough, they make the gossip sheet. When male leaders are tough, they call it news. But women are better leaders, and shouldn't emulate male leaders to fit in.

    Tell Better Stories

    It's not enough to sell a product or a service any more. You must also be able to tell the story. The Pip Storytelling Deck is a tool we use at the Werx Brands to construct and tell better stories. You can be a master story-teller too!

    What we really need now are a few good intentions.
    Many companies will conduct their annual employee reviews at the beginning of the new calendar year. Here are the key elements for ensuring a good review process.
    Focusing on weakness or even mediocrity at the expense of rewarding strength will lower the average performance of your organization.
    The definition of fair means to be free of favor to any side. But in business we really do favor some things.
    Though being a good leader is hard work, the components are simply common-sense.
    The job of leadership is a big one – whether it is leading a country or leading a department.
    The most powerful thing a small business owner can do is be an effective leader, and ensure his entire organization conveys a strong message of character and integrity to his business community
    A great leader goes beyond those characteristics to combine a blend of intense personal will with great humility.
    Tips on how to make meetings more powerful, to develop strong facilitators, and to become more effective as a management team.


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    Maybe the reason its so hard to remain in quarantine is that it's hard to outrun sadness when you're forced to be still.

    "Millions of items of the outward order are present to my senses which never properly enter into my experience. Why? Because they have no interest for me. My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.”
    William James

    At the end of the day, we all have to fight our demons alone. And I think that's the source of loneliness. If you spend your whole life insisting there are no demons to fight or hiding your demons or determined to fight them in private, you end up existentially alone.

    Perfectionism is a luxury for (starving) artists, or artists with benefactors. The rest of us must learn the difference between being in love with our own ideas and being in love with progress.

    Well, Catholics pray to saints," I mutter to myself as I begin my nightly prayer to RBG.

    It's surprising how many people are not aware of their reasons for doing things. They think they know, but when asked to reflect upon it, they don't. Why are you in business? Why are you pursuing this role? Why are you frustrated, lonely, anxious, doubting? Why are you making this decision? Why aren't you asking for help? If you ask why before deciding what, who, how, or when, you will come up with a stronger answer every time. In business, why is the essence of strategy. In life, why is the essence of progress.