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Christmas 2020 - a Reset

For the first Christmas in my lifetime of Christmas memories, I slept past dawn. Until today, I was either a child awake at first light, rushing downstairs to look in my stocking; a parent waking to get my coffee made before the children woke; or a grandparent with grandchildren sleeping over. This year, with Christmas barely happening at all, it’s quite clear to me that I have always had the benefit of approaching Christmas with hindsight bias. Click to Tweet ...
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

Everything You Know About Luxury Has Changed

Millennials are changing everything we know about luxury. Here are 5 key areas your luxury business must master to stay relevant.
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

What I Wish Consumers Knew About Buying Designer Jewelry

When you introduce someone to the joy of buying art the experience can be transformative. Consumers should have that experience buying designer jewelry.


Who is Worthy Anyway?

Purse strings mean a lot in our society, and that simple truth plays out in the most basic of our interactions. How we treat one another should be based on something far more valuable than that.

Marketing made manifest (Part I)

Part 1 of the series. Each industry, community, and business must manifest this concept in different ways.

Let's Try Something New

I dole out answers and advice to my customers all day long - via email, chat, social media, phone - however the questions come in. It might be useful to share some of this information with the rest of you.

Hold the crystal goblet, give me the Boone’s Farm

Given a choice between delivery devices and content (assuming the delivery device isn’t required to get at the content) one should choose the content!


Hello Kitty

The question of how to create and sustain accountability for behavior is one that comes up regularly in business. The answer to this question is clear, but it’s not easy.

Caution! Don't Try This at Home

The truth is, nearly every manager demonstrates a little FETCH once in a while.

Evaluating Business Software Programs? Dig Deeper From the Beginning

When investigating business software programs always start by evaluating the underlying code and technology and how the software is designed.

Outstanding Customer Service is a Culture Thing

To deliver outstanding customer service, create a customer service culture.

Criticism: The fire in the forge of great leadership

A great leader goes beyond those characteristics to combine a blend of intense personal will with great humility.

Is it about the economy? It's about the leadership stupid.

The job of leadership is a big one – whether it is leading a country or leading a department.

Past Time for Change - A Post to the Jewelry Industry

A business living on auto-pilot ultimately dies of its own apathy. In business, every time is a time for change, and change is the only way to grow.

Don't Play a Zero Sum Game

Selling is understanding what a customer needs, then providing solution to their needs. A good sales effort tells the customer what to decide.

All of the Responsibility, None of the Authority

Here are some of the key structures that are absolutely necessary when converting to a more team-based organization.

Simple But Not Easy

Though being a good leader is hard work, the components are simply common-sense.

Your (Character) Slip is Showing

The most powerful thing a small business owner can do is be an effective leader, and ensure his entire organization conveys a strong message of character and integrity to his business community


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I sometimes wonder what our country would be like today if Christians had thrown themselves into eradicating poverty or inequality with the same energy they invested in fighting abortion.

Maybe the reason its so hard to remain in quarantine is that it's hard to outrun sadness when you're forced to be still.

If you ask why before deciding what, who, how, or when, you will come up with a stronger answer every time. Why is the essence of strategy.

Taking a knee ... Long the choice of peaceful, PRAYERFUL resistance.

I suspect the fear of being afraid is the most destructive fear of all.

"Millions of items of the outward order are present to my senses which never properly enter into my experience. Why? Because they have no interest for me. My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.”
William James
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