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Stop Distracting Yourself with Ineffective Advertising

A lack of appreciation for the professional skills required to produce excellent advertising is contributing to a level of management distraction that is bad for business (and a lot of bad advertising). Here are some things we should do instead.
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

Everything You Know About Luxury Has Changed

Millennials are changing everything we know about luxury. Here are 5 key areas your luxury business must master to stay relevant.
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

What I Wish Consumers Knew About Buying Designer Jewelry

When you introduce someone to the joy of buying art the experience can be transformative. Consumers should have that experience buying designer jewelry.


Crazy-Ass Gods Get All the Press

Apparently we need to start saying crazy things like "God doesn't want children to go hungry and without health care!!", "God doesn't want us to cut education and give that money to billion dollar oil companies who will be profitable either way!!" "God gets to decide who is worthy enough to go to heaven!"

Do you know it when you see it?

People who know to look for the common threads, who have trained themselves to read a little deeper, listen a little harder, who have honed a skill for seeing patterns, these are the people who are figuring out why the Internet is beautiful.

All Dressed Up But Don't Know Where You're Going

Today's web development tools put the majority of web development tasks within reach of everyone but the most fearful of computer users. Put these six exercises to work for you first, and you will dramatically improve the odds that your website will deliver results.

Website Innovation: Beyond Cookie-Cutter to Business Value

Stop! Before you drag-and-drop your way to a cookie-cutter website, think about your business value proposition. Do the work of website innovation.

Change Mismanagement

The types of changes you should – and should not – make during a recession are the same types of change you should consider during a strong economy.


Power, Politics, Sex, and Religion (yes, this is a business blog)

The primary goal of a business is to create value for its customers, and each business relies on its employees to deliver that value. Employees who feel respected, safe, and appreciated do a much better job of delivering customer value than employees who feel compelled to put up self-protective walls.

Integrity is A Russian Doll

An integrity-infused business is all-or-nothing. You’re either feeling it or you’re not, and if you’re not feeling it, it will bite you in the bottom line.

Tell Better Stories

It's not enough to sell a product or a service any more. You must also be able to tell the story. The Pip Storytelling Deck is a tool we use at the Werx Brands to construct and tell better stories. You can be a master story-teller too!


Your (Character) Slip is Showing

The most powerful thing a small business owner can do is be an effective leader, and ensure his entire organization conveys a strong message of character and integrity to his business community

Give Better Feedback - Get Better Results

If business is about continuous improvement, then people must be continuously improving too. Giving better feedback will help your business improve.

Being a Better Leader Part 2: Be the Chief Customer Finder

To be a better leader, become the Chief Customer Finder. Foster a strong sales and service culture, support your sales organization, and demonstrate true customer leadership.

Caution! Don't Try This at Home

The truth is, nearly every manager demonstrates a little FETCH once in a while.

Don't be a Virtual Leader

If you find yourself assembling virtual teams of home-based contract workers, you will need to develop new skills and sensitivities to motivate, manage, and assess them.

An Ode to Difficult Geniuses

Every business leader preaches the importance of innovation and outperforming the competition, yet business managers are busy squeezing every threatening and/or unconventional element out of their environment.

Lead Like a Woman

When female leaders are tough, they make the gossip sheet. When male leaders are tough, they call it news. But women are better leaders, and shouldn't emulate male leaders to fit in.

Right Action Begets Right Action

The right action of which I speak is the right management, right planning and right leadership action necessary to run a profitable business that will fund the rest of our altruistic notions.

The Rudiments of Engagement

Getting a management team engaged is both financially and personally rewarding. The concepts described here will help get you started.

Collaborative Management: Consultative vs Consensus

There are two distinct styles of collaborative management. One is preferable to the other for a few reasons.


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It's surprising how many people are not aware of their reasons for doing things. They think they know, but when asked to reflect upon it, they don't. Why are you in business? Why are you pursuing this role? Why are you frustrated, lonely, anxious, doubting? Why are you making this decision? Why aren't you asking for help? If you ask why before deciding what, who, how, or when, you will come up with a stronger answer every time. In business, why is the essence of strategy. In life, why is the essence of progress.

Perfectionism is a luxury for (starving) artists, or artists with benefactors. The rest of us must learn the difference between being in love with our own ideas and being in love with progress.

I suspect the fear of being afraid is the most destructive fear of all.

Maybe the reason its so hard to remain in quarantine is that it's hard to outrun sadness when you're forced to be still.

At the end of the day, we all have to fight our demons alone. And I think that's the source of loneliness. If you spend your whole life insisting there are no demons to fight or hiding your demons or determined to fight them in private, you end up existentially alone.

I sometimes wonder what our country would be like today if Christians had thrown themselves into eradicating poverty or inequality with the same energy they invested in fighting abortion.

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