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The Value (and the point) Is in the Process

Commitment to continuously improving the processes of the business IS a commitment to results, but it brings with it the possibility of evolution and innovation. Here's why you should focus on process over results.
  • Radical Inclusiveness - the Competitive Edge

    In a business climate where competitiveness and innovation are everything equality and diversity in the workforce are important keys to success.
  • Outstanding Customer Service is a Culture Thing

    The question of how to deliver the outstanding customer service consumers expect is easy to answer but harder to implement.


Let's Not Do This

I just read that key copy drivers for 2010 marketing include Anger, Greed, Fear, Guilt, Exclusivity, Salvation, and Flattery. Really? Ick.

Pricing Strategy . . .

Most price resistance is actually the result of weak marketing and promotion. Here are some pricing strategy concepts to help you improve margins.

Still Playing Dress-up in Your Parents' Clothes?

Most people don't know where to start with branding. They're not even sure what it is.

To Knock Off or Not to Knock-Off Designer Jewelry?

Designers throw their life savings and energy into creating jewelry lines. Custom jewelers are asked to copy it. How do we avoid knock off designer jewelry?

You Need to Attract the New Consumer. Now What?

Two new studies tell us the new consumer is different and the luxury market is changing, but they don't tell you what to do about it. Here are some ideas.


Integrity is A Russian Doll

An integrity-infused business is all-or-nothing. You’re either feeling it or you’re not, and if you’re not feeling it, it will bite you in the bottom line.

Are You Writing Your Own Obituary?

The bottom line is that the jewelry industry is going to be fine. But retailers and small manufacturers need to ask of themselves a few vital questions.

Your (Character) Slip is Showing

The most powerful thing a small business owner can do is be an effective leader, and ensure his entire organization conveys a strong message of character and integrity to his business community

Tell Better Stories

It's not enough to sell a product or a service any more. You must also be able to tell the story. The Pip Storytelling Deck is a tool we use at the Werx Brands to construct and tell better stories. You can be a master story-teller too!


The Gift That Keeps On Giving? Technical Skills

You already know that reading, writing, and an education are a requirement for success. Now you must add technical skills to that list.

Looking for Success? Implement a Management Framework.

You've created a business strategy, minimum viable product or service, and a business plan. Now you need goals, measurable objectives, and a method of monitoring and managing results; in other words, a Management Framework. This article compares and explains your options.

The Lost Art of Intention

What we really need now are a few good intentions.

Give Better Feedback - Get Better Results

If business is about continuous improvement, then people must be continuously improving too. Giving better feedback will help your business improve.

Being a Better Leader Part 2: Be the Chief Customer Finder

To be a better leader, become the Chief Customer Finder. Foster a strong sales and service culture, support your sales organization, and demonstrate true customer leadership.

Are You Writing Your Own Obituary?

The bottom line is that the jewelry industry is going to be fine. But retailers and small manufacturers need to ask of themselves a few vital questions.

Don't be a Virtual Leader

If you find yourself assembling virtual teams of home-based contract workers, you will need to develop new skills and sensitivities to motivate, manage, and assess them.

Being a Better Leader Part 3: Be a Student of Business

To be a better leader, be a student of business. This article gives advice on what areas to study and where to go to find that information.


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Perfectionism is a luxury for (starving) artists, or artists with benefactors. The rest of us must learn the difference between being in love with our own ideas and being in love with progress.

I sometimes wonder what our country would be like today if Christians had thrown themselves into eradicating poverty or inequality with the same energy they invested in fighting abortion.

Taking a knee ... Long the choice of peaceful, PRAYERFUL resistance.

Maybe the reason its so hard to remain in quarantine is that it's hard to outrun sadness when you're forced to be still.

It's surprising how many people are not aware of their reasons for doing things. They think they know, but when asked to reflect upon it, they don't. Why are you in business? Why are you pursuing this role? Why are you frustrated, lonely, anxious, doubting? Why are you making this decision? Why aren't you asking for help? If you ask why before deciding what, who, how, or when, you will come up with a stronger answer every time. In business, why is the essence of strategy. In life, why is the essence of progress.

Well, Catholics pray to saints," I mutter to myself as I begin my nightly prayer to RBG.

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