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Principles of Graphic Design

One of the biggest changes of the internet age is hardly ever mentioned: people without formal training in graphic design produce a huge percentage of all the visuals we see today. That's not necessarily a good thing.  It started when computerized design became accessible in the mid '90s. Soon, everyone who could figure out the software started calling themselves graphic designers. But one can know how to use Photoshop or Illustrator without any understanding of the principl...
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

Everything You Know About Luxury Has Changed

Millennials are changing everything we know about luxury. Here are 5 key areas your luxury business must master to stay relevant.
Rethinking the Jewelry Industry

What I Wish Consumers Knew About Buying Designer Jewelry

When you introduce someone to the joy of buying art the experience can be transformative. Consumers should have that experience buying designer jewelry.


Pricing Strategy . . .

Most price resistance is actually the result of weak marketing and promotion. Here are some pricing strategy concepts to help you improve margins.

The More Things Change . . .

Social Media has an important place in at the table of marketing disciplines. But it's just one chair. If you are feeling burdened by your lack of a Facebook presence or the fact that you can't figure out what to blog or tweet about, here are a few things to consider.

Website Innovation: Beyond Cookie-Cutter to Business Value

Stop! Before you drag-and-drop your way to a cookie-cutter website, think about your business value proposition. Do the work of website innovation.

The Importance of Experiences

Live from the Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa City, Iowa, Andrea Hill talks about the importance of offering your customers experiences that are relevant to your brand and your products.


When Each Option is Potentially a Bad One

When faced with difficult options, all one can do is analyze it to the best of his or her ability, try to challenge all assumptions, then make a decision.

Diddy or The Donald? What Should One Expect from an Employer (and what should we expect of ourselves?)

We all owe ourselves and all our present and future employees something very important – a commitment to excellence and continuing knowledge development in our chosen fields of endeavor.

Power, Politics, Sex, and Religion (yes, this is a business blog)

The primary goal of a business is to create value for its customers, and each business relies on its employees to deliver that value. Employees who feel respected, safe, and appreciated do a much better job of delivering customer value than employees who feel compelled to put up self-protective walls.

The Administrative Answer to Wisdom at Work

The larger a business grows, the more difficult it is to manage communication among all of its constituents. Some policies are unavoidable, but it is desirable for an environment to operate on sound principles rather than rules and policies to the greatest extent possible.

The Lost Art of Intention

What we really need now are a few good intentions.

Hello Kitty

The question of how to create and sustain accountability for behavior is one that comes up regularly in business. The answer to this question is clear, but it’s not easy.

Don't Play a Zero Sum Game

Selling is understanding what a customer needs, then providing solution to their needs. A good sales effort tells the customer what to decide.

What's Your Business Vision?

A thoughtful review of your business vision (the strategic one) will yield surprising insights that can jumpstart your business again.

What's "Fair" Anyway?

The definition of fair means to be free of favor to any side. But in business we really do favor some things.

Auld Lang Syne

Many companies will conduct their annual employee reviews at the beginning of the new calendar year. Here are the key elements for ensuring a good review process.

A Reflection on our National Obsession with Mediocrity (and what it means for business)

If the dangerous belief that mediocrity is acceptable, or that experts and intellectuals represent some vague threat, has wormed its way into your psyche, you have reason to be concerned.

Lead Like a Woman

When female leaders are tough, they make the gossip sheet. When male leaders are tough, they call it news. But women are better leaders, and shouldn't emulate male leaders to fit in.

Help is On the Way! (but did you ask for help?)

Knowing you need help and willingness to ask for help are very different. Only those who truly want help can benefit. And help often determines success.


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Hmm . . . my favorite new term-of-the-week: Ratlicker
"A person who refuses to wear a mask, or take any of the basic precautions to help society prevent an air born illness during an epidemic. ( In reference to the bubonic plague being spread by rats. )"

It's not usually the first person with the idea who makes the money, but the first person who invests the cash - and more importantly, the discipline - who does.

I sometimes wonder what our country would be like today if Christians had thrown themselves into eradicating poverty or inequality with the same energy they invested in fighting abortion.

Well, Catholics pray to saints," I mutter to myself as I begin my nightly prayer to RBG.

I suspect the fear of being afraid is the most destructive fear of all.

Perfectionism is a luxury for (starving) artists, or artists with benefactors. The rest of us must learn the difference between being in love with our own ideas and being in love with progress.

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