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Business Insights from Andrea Hill

Video Library

Andrea creates a lot of training content, and she offers much of it for free. Here's a selection of some of her videos. We have a lot of video content to curate from over the years! So watch this space for more videos - we're adding new content every week.

Videos by Date

  • Impacts of Covid-19 on Globalization and Supply Chains
    MJSA Presents - Globalization of manufacturing has been the standard for the jewelry industry for the past 25 years. But after a year of painful tariffs, followed by the implications of a global sh...
  • Surviving Tough Times: Part I
    The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) invited Andrea Hill to prepare two presentations for their members and students, to help them manage their careers and business during the Covid-19 ...
  • Surviving Tough Times Part II
    The Jewelry Design Professionals’ Network (JDPN) invited Andrea Hill to prepare two presentations for their members and students regarding how to manage their careers and businesses during the Covi...
  • Online Strategies for B2B Jewelry Producers
    This program was produced as part of the MJSA Webinar Series. How should B2B producers manage their online presence during Covid19? Until now, the industry's B2B segment hasn't been a big user of o...
  • Marketing Ideas for Right Now
    Andrea offers several marketing ideas to consider right away, and shares a free software offer from a digital meeting provider.
  • What Can You Do Today? OODA Loops!
    Today, Andrea shares the concept of OODA Loops, and gives some practical advice for how you can spend meaningful time working ON your business.
  • Navigating the Coronavirus: Working from Home and Planning Your Future
    Andrea Hill gives specific guidance and tips about working from home, and reflects on one way to make this experience as positive as possible.
  • Expertise, Hubris, and Success
    How do you balance the requirement for expertise with the hubris that sometimes accompanies it? In this video, Andrea Hill explores this topic and makes to important suggestions.
  • You Need to Play the Long Game
    It takes patience and discipline to play the long game in business. But if you want to succeed, that's what you need to do. In this 6-minute video, business development expert Andrea Hill talks abo...
  • How to Escape the Minutae
    If you're mired in minutae and low-value activities, chances are you've lost sight of your vision. Take 2.5 minutes to learn how to pull yourself out - and UP - and get focused again.
  • The Importance of Experiences
    Live from the Coral Ridge Mall in Iowa City, Iowa, Andrea Hill talks about the importance of offering your customers experiences that are relevant to your brand and your products.
  • Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
    To move your business forward, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Why? Because it's the only path to growth.
  • Grow Your Mindset
    Do you have a fixed mindset or a growth mindset? Your answer could determine your future success and happiness!
  • Marketing to Women - Avoid Good|Better|Best Selling
    When selling to women, you have to look at value from her perspective. Andrea Hill describes how in this less-than-two-minute video.
  • The Digital Marketing Challenge for Luxury Business
    Shopping and buying have changed dramatically, creating new challenges - and opportunities! - for digital marketing.
  • Become the Salesperson You Want to Be
    The traits and behaviors of successful salespeople have been widely studied. If you are a professional salesperson or a small business owner who also needs to sell, this video is a 20-minute assess...
  • Big Business Brand, Small Business Budget
    Small business owners must compete with large corporations for customers, so branding for the small business is more important than ever. This video teaches the basic elements necessary to create a...
  • What You Need to Know About Implementing an Inventory Control System
    Choosing and implementing a business inventory system requires a strong understanding of how these systems work. Here's your overview.