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Business Insights from Andrea Hill

Cynical? Just a Little

15 October 2013
Women's rights are once again undermined by GOP initiative to limit access to birth control.
photo by michelle ding
The GOP is now pushing for a birth-control measure as part of their negotiation over the debt ceiling. Let's analyse this . . . this is a political entity that is willing to jeopardize an issue of domestic and international economic concern just so they can try to force their personal agendas on women? Since when was legislating the bedroom and women's medical decisions a form of SMALLER government?? And most importantly, why do they have so little respect for women that they don't believe we are capable of making moral, medical, and religious decisions based on our own belief systems?? There are thousands and thousands of Americans who follow religions that ban the use of immunizations, but I don't see them trying to make insurance companies stop covering them . . .

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