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Crazy-Ass Gods Get All the Press

Those people with the wild-ass crazy god - the god who only loves some of the people, who thinks it's OK to be violent in his name, who is fine with lying, distortion, and being cruel to others in word and deed, and who said somewhere "Oh, go ahead! Judge away! I'm happy for you to do my work for me!" — those people are getting a lot of press. But I know there are people who believe in much different gods and prophets - who believe in love thy neighbor, karma, let he who has not sinned throw the first stone, a worldly obligation to take care of those who have less than us, right speech (the idea that by speaking kind and helpful words we create trust and respect), the virtue of honesty, and mercy. Apparently we need to start saying crazy things like "God doesn't want children to go hungry and without health care!!", "God doesn't want us to cut education and give that money to billion dollar oil companies who will be profitable either way!!" "God gets to decide who is worthy enough to go to heaven!" - would that get press? Would that get people all hot and bothered and talking? Oh, you're right, probably not. Because only the really crazy stuff seems to get peoples' dander up. And these claims just aren't crazy at all.

17 October 2013

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