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A Logic Puzzle About Gun Ownership

17 October 2013
photo by joanna nix

If having too many guns on the streets of America is not our core problem, then why is it that every other developed nation with significantly restricted gun ownership also has a more than 10-fold lower rate of gun violence? Are these ardent gun owners who argue against all new regulations on gun ownership basically saying that Americans are inherently more violent than the people in other countries? Less civilized? That we as a society - and not the proliferation of guns - are actually the problem?

And if that is their argument, then why is it even remotely conceivable that we should have so many guns?

I'm tired of the whole "guns don't kill people, people kill people" irrational retort. In countries where there are not so many guns, people kill a lot less people. 

I'm also tired of people acting like they need semiautomatic weapons to protect their homes. Ask any police officer - to protect his home and family he'd not even want to use a semi-automatic unless he was being invaded by a drug cartel. And seriously, anyone who hunts with a semi-automatic doesn't know how to hunt.
To see the comparative rates of gun violence by country, check out this link.
For an article on how to engage in rational thinking (for people who confuse gun bans with gun regulations, and who automatically take the most emotional position when forced to look at this issue), check out this link

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