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Oh Sure - Let's Go Bash the Unfortunate

I get so tired of these hateful memes bashing SNAP recipients. The best data out there suggests that less than 1% - that's 1% - of SNAP payments are used for fraudulent purposes. So for every 1 (likely middle-class according to the data) SNAP fraud perpetrator, there are 99 people just trying to keep their kids in cornflakes. If they have a tattoo, they probably got it before they lost their job. If they have a cell phone, so what? We all have a need to have a phone - you can't even find a payphone any more. And does being dirt poor mean you've lost your right to have a beer once in a while? If we're such a Christian country, where the heck did our compassion run off to? And why are we so vested in bashing the working poor? There but for the grace of God go I.

25 February 2014
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