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What On Earth Do We Do Now?

25 June 2022
Oh RBG how we miss you.
Several people have asked me to consolidate my social media posts about how to ACT right now in the face of this horrifying setback in women's rights. Here are the suggestions:
1. Women who get abortions in back alleys or non-ban states and those who help them will face jail time, loss of child custody and fines. Support the ACLU, which is poised to fight this fight. Start donating monthly today:
2. Abortion funds help women without resources get abortion healthcare. The funds' legal status will be shaky, so don't forget about supporting ACLU too. Learn more and donate.
3. It's time to ACT. Women's March works toward an anti-racist, multi-racial feminist democracy. Women of color are disproportionately harmed by loss of women's rights, and to rise at all we must all rise together. Donate monthly.
4. No organization has supported women's healthcare more than Planned Parenthood , and they need our support more than ever. It's not just about abortion. Access to birth control, family planning, gender-affirming and female-centric care are all at risk. Start supporting with monthly donations now.
That's four powerful ways to advance the fight for women's rights now. If you've been fighting for years or are just beginning, we need you. Don't wait another day. Get MAD. Get BUSY. Get TOGETHER. Healthy societies depend on healthy women, and it's up to us to make that happen.

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