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Why Someone May Hate Your Ideas

Here are a few reasons why ideas may not be accepted.

12 March 2008

While digging around on the web for some Marshall McLuhan quotes I could use in an article I am writing, I stumbled upon this excellent list of reasons why an idea might get rejected.
The Medium is the Message: Why Someone May Hate Your Ideas

I can't write much tonight, because I need to finish the darned article. Yet as stuck as I am, this information is helping me refine my idea (a little procrastination isn't hurting either). Though the seven reasons will work in any situation where a member of a team is presenting an idea for consideration, the list also works any time someone is trying to refine the presentation of an idea, say, for a magazine whose submission deadline is today and it's already 11:40 pm . . . or when you're running late because you hate your own idea . . .


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